Accommodation Management

At E.L.A PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, with over 8 years of experience and
specializing in short-term rental, we manage exclusively
over 70 properties throughout Heraklion, with 25,000 visitors and over
10,000 bookings so far. We design our services with the main purpose of
providing an unforgettable experience to visitors through a single system
services, as well as maximizing the owner’s income. With simple ones
and transparent processes and service flexibility, we take care of the owners who
cooperate with us to be carefree and satisfied.

Our services include display optimization advice
of your apartment, create a listing on Airbnb / /
Expedia etc. and determining the best possible price for your property, based on
specific criteria as well as full management of the account in
Airbnb / / Expedia etc. and increasing its visibility.
More specifically, we undertake:
– Check-in
Saving time and money and providing a better experience to
Continuous communication with guests to optimize their stay.
– Cleaning
Complete cleaning services and specialized workshop
Decoration suggestions from partners-interior architects
– Photography
Professional photography for better highlighting and promotion of the property
With knowledge and responsibility, we guarantee to secure your interests
and happy visitors.